Proxy- donor application-1

person adminaccess_time September 7, 2018

Inportant Note: To help protect your identity, DO NOT INCLUDE photos that are also on social media sites and/or publicly available. Certain search engines may maybe able to match your photo with your identity. This service takes significant measures to protect your identity, but there are several resources beyond our control, and requires your comeration to limit the risk.

Upload Process

  1. Click "Choose Photo"
  2. Select a photo & click "Submit Application" to upload & save.

Photo Requirements

  1. Photo must be in .jpg/.jpeg/.png/.gif format
  2. Convert to jpg using this online tool
  3. Must be less than 5MB in size
  4. If scanning photos, choose low resolution

Photo Recommandations

  1. Use the free online photo adjustment service
  2. No Collages
  3. Rotate photo to be upright
  4. Crop photo to focus on you not background
  5. Upload a face photo